Double Door Fire Hose Box


  • Stores and protects a fire hose from damage and environmental elements, ensuring it’s readily accessible and functional when needed.


  • Double doors: Provide easy access to the hose reel and nozzle, often made of durable materials like metal or fiberglass for sturdiness.
  • Fire hose: Typically made of high-pressure rubber or fabric, it’s coiled within the box and ready to unroll for firefighting.
  • Nozzle: Attaches to the hose end, allowing firefighters to direct the water stream towards the fire.
  • Additional features: Some boxes may include a pressure gauge, wrench, or other firefighting tools.


  • Quick deployment: Saves valuable time in a fire emergency by keeping the hose readily available.
  • Protects the hose: Shields the hose from physical damage, weathering, and other environmental factors that could compromise its performance.
  • Organized storage: Maintains a designated space for the hose and related equipment, preventing clutter and ensuring their location is known.


  • Double door fire hose boxes are typically installed in high-visibility areas near building exits, stairwells, and other strategic locations for easy access during an emergency.


  • Material: Typically made from sturdy materials like steel, fiberglass, or reinforced plastic, these boxes can withstand harsh weather, impacts, and corrosion.
  • Construction: Welded or bolted seams ensure structural integrity, preventing warping or cracking. Double doors spread the stress for even greater resilience.
  • Coatings: Many boxes have rust-proof paint or UV-resistant finishes for additional protection against the elements.

Protection for Equipment:

  • Weatherproofing: Seals around the doors keep out rain, snow, dust, and sunlight, preventing damage to the hose and other firefighting equipment inside.
  • Temperature control: Some boxes are insulated to maintain stable temperatures, protecting hoses from extreme heat or cold that could compromise their performance.
  • Secure storage: Locking mechanisms prevent unauthorized access and equipment theft.

Long-term benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance: Durable materials and weatherproofing minimize the need for repairs or repainting, saving time and money.
  • Reliable performance: Knowing your fire hose is protected and readily accessible in an emergency provides peace of mind.
  • ₹10,000


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